In this section I have compiled a collection of essays, articles, narratives, interviews and other writings that have been brought about by my own personal research and experience with rats. All writings are copyright Lori Weeder unless otherwise noted. Please do not reproduce these writings without permission. If you would like to include one of my articles in your website or other form of publication, please e-mail me. Articles are listed from newest to oldest in each category.


Pet Store, Rescue, or Breeder? A Rat Buying Guide

Rat Cage Buying Guide

My Personal Litter Setup

Daytripping: Out and About With Your Rat

Tales of a Traveling Rat

Treating Mites: BP's Olive Oil Method


In The Shadow of Man: The History and Culture of Rats


Featured Artist: Kellie Batangan

Featured Artist: Allie Dee

Featured Artist: Janet Girard


For Humans

Chocolate Christmas Rats

Rat Cake

For Rats

Rat Granola

Ahnauld's Bulk 'em up Diet

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