The Great Cage Page

It all started with the Great Cage Page. If there's one thing rat owners love to do, it's look at other cages. My boyfriend is constantly yelling at me over it. "What do you need another cage for? Isn't the one you have big enough?" He doesn't understand.

I always thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if there were just one page filled with tons of pictures of all different cages and layouts?" Then it occured to me-- why not make it myself? So here I present the Great Cage Page. It shall always be under construction, so be sure to bookmark it and check back periodically for new updates.

If you'd like your cage to be included in the Great Cage Page, just e-mail me with the following:

Your name
A photo of the cage (either a link or attachment)
The cage brand and type
Dimensions (heightXwidthXdepth)
A few brief thoughts on the cage
If there are any rats pictured in the photo (or rats in the cage that aren't pictured) feel free to name them!
If the cage is homemade, give a BRIEF summary of how it was made.

Entries that do not follow the above form will not be added. This is for my own piece of mind-- I can't go scouring the internet for dimensions or brand names! If you're not sure what I'm wanting with the above questions, just browse the cage pages and see how other people have answered them. I reserve the right to edit any and all pictures and text for readability or to better fit the flow of the page.

I would like to give a special thanks to all the folks on the Ratlist and on FancyRats, as well as everyone else who has helped to make this page possible.

All text, images, and content copyright Lori Weeder 2006 unless otherwise noted.