Matti, Matimagan

December 2005

Crossed The Bridge:
December 23 2007

Odd-Eye Mismarked Beige Berkshire with a white star on forehead

Small, dark hiding places like his Rody Igloo; hiding behind long hair

Being picked up, being startled


Matigan and his brother Rezzie came to me in April 2006 and immediately began introductions with my older resident rat Allister. Although Matigan got along well with Allister, Introductions with Rezzie proved disasterous, so the brothers remained a pair, although Matigan was allowed to free range with Allister from time to time.

With his beautiful creamy fur and unique different colored eyes, Matigan was a star in front of the camera. He especially loved props that he can hide in (or ones he could eat!). The photo (top right) of Matigan surrounded in pink feathers even gained me finalist status and was published in the Best of College Photography Annual 2007.

Matigan was a shy rat with a tendency to be timid around new people or situations. He loved to hide, whether it be in his Rody Igloo or behind my hair. A budding rodentist, Matigan loves to investigate mouths and will clean your teeth of food if given the chance.

Matigan crossed the bridge at a little over two years of age, presumably from respiratory problems.

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