Rat Cake

submitted by Chris Violette

This cake design is my own creation, but I have made it in the bakery departments in many stores I've worked in.


1 round, single layer cake, uniced (I use 7- to 10-inch round cakes)
1 licorace twist (red or black)
2 chocolate chips or small red candies (like M+M's)
2 two-inch round cookies (chocolate chip or sugar cookies work well)
White Frosting
Food coloring (Need yellow, pink, and then what ever you need to make 'fur' colors)
*note* Chocolate frosting works well for fur if you do not want to try to mix your own colors

Assorted cake decorating tools

Cake pedestal
Sharp Knife
Frosting bag
Grass tip or small star tip
writing tip

Take the cake and cut a wedge out, approximately 1/8th of the cake, with the point in the middle of the circle.

Put wedge aside. This will be the rat's body.

Frost the remaining cake with yellow frosting. With the spatula, dig several shallow holes in the frosting to make it look like a wheel of swiss cheese, with a wedge cut out.

Place uniced wedge on top of the cheese, with the point facing which ever direction you want the rat facing.

Slide the licorace twist in between the fat end of the wedge and the rest of the cake to make the tail.

With a grass tip, or a small star tip, pipe fur all over the wedge, so it looks like its running from the narrow end to the fat end.

Cut wedges out of each cookie with a sharp knife, so they are pac-man shaped. These will be the ears.

Place the ears wedge side down into the rat (about a third of the way towards the point) to make the ears. Push the cookies in until they're steady.
*note* I have only been successful making 'standard' ears. 'Dumbo' ears tend to fall off.

Place the chocolate chips or red candies where the eyes would be

With a writing tip, pipe on a pink nose, white whiskers (or colored to match fur), and yellow teeth if desired.

All text, images, and content copyright Lori Weeder 2006 unless otherwise noted.