Chocolate Christmas Rats

Chocolate rats make a good treat for the holidays

These adorable and delicious holiday rats were devised by my clever and creative grandmother, who was more than happy to share the recipe.


Oreo Cookies (with double filling)
Maraschino Cherries (with stems)
Chocolate Kisses
Almond Slices
Dipping Chocolate
Red & Green Decorating Gel

Remove tops of Oreos, leaving filling on the bottoms for the snow base. Discard (or eat) Oreo tops.

Drain cherries and dry with paper towel.

Dip cherry in chocolate and lay on its side, on top of cookie base, with stem pointing up. This is the rat's body and tail.

For rat's head, lay chocolate kiss on its side, with point sticking out for its nose. Press against cherry.

For the ears, position 2 almond slices between rat's body and its head.

Hold all parts in place for a few seconds until they will stay on their own.

Make eyes and nose with red gel.

Decorate snow around rat with red and green gel.

Remember, Christmas rats do best in pairs or groups!

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