As there are few quality books written on rat care, the internet has proven invaluable to rat owners in providing care information and advice. To list all the rat web pages would be a daunting task-- that's why I've listed only pages I visit regularly or have singled out for merit. Links are in alphabetical order.

And How
This band has ratitude! If you've never heard their song "Rodentia Revue", be sure to give it a listen!

Clicker Training Your Human
This is an adorable and informative page on clicker training small animals. Although it is told by a Guinea Pig, the technique could easily be used with rats, mice, gerbils, perhaps even children..

The Dapper Rat
Robyn's site is chock full of ideas, information and adorable pictures that could convert even the nastiest intolerodent. Check out her toy ideas.

Dealing with Emergencies
A vital link for any rat owner, this site tells what to do in the event of an emergency such as poisoning or hypothermia and gives instructions on how to do the Ratty Fling.

Fancy Rats
A wonderful compedium of information that includes cage and product reviews, a great Cage Calculator, How-To guides, and a very active forum.

MacRatLove: A Webcomic
A side project of mine is MacRatLove, an autobiographical web comic in which all the characters happen to be rats.

Rats are People Too!
Not only is this site adorable and funny, it's got lot of practical advice in the form of first hand accounts, including how to trim your rat's teeth.

Rat Behavior and Biology
Not just for rat owners, this site gives a wonderful view on what rats are made of, including senses, behavior and biology, as well as some hilarious humor pages such as Rat Laundry.

A wonderful site with general care information as well as health information. Of special interest is the medication guide.

The Ratlist
The Ratlist is a Yahoo! group of rat fanciers from all around the world who share stories, advice, photos and jokes. I've been a member since I first got my boys and highly recommend it for new and experienced rat owners alike.

Rat Matter
A fun and creative blog dedicated to sharing photos of stuff on rats! A great place to go for a laugh.
This is a beautiful site with all kinds of information including rat mythology, body language, product reviews, and even an extensive list of name ideas.

A wonderfully colorful and created website devoted to artists of the ratty persuasion.

If you have or know of a site you'd like to see on the Resource list, just e-mail me and I'll check it out!

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