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Shakhouse Rat Shack (with additional story)

Added 6-24-05

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Outer dimensions: 68"Hx36.25"Wx 22"D
Inner dimensions: 58.25"Hx34.75"Wx 18"D

I love this cage. Itís so much fun: like a dolls house for pet owners! I have seven male rats in there, and have added another storey since purchasing the cage. I would recommend asking to take more of the wire panels rather than the solid panels when you initially order, as you need something to fix hammocks and litter trays to. Although the roof space is intended as storage space, it works as an extra floor, though I have left the red strip off the apex of the roof to give them a little more ventilation. The roof catches are very stiff at first, but soon loosen up with use. This is one of the easiest cages Iíve ever cleaned out. Just wipe each floor sweeping the bits down through the access holes, then pull out the base drawer to empty and wipe it. Although my boys donít chew the cage, I wouldnít trust my naughty girl rats in there. Thereís just too much plastic, so a determined chewer would soon be out, especially on the plastic door panels.

Rats Pictured:
Theo is peering out of the door. Also somewhere in there are Henry, Vlad, Ronnie, Gandalf, Louis and William.

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