Too many to list

July 5th, 1985

Brown hair and blue-grey eyes

Rats, photography, website design, graphic design

Vet bills, dial-up internet


I first entered the rat world in 2004, shortly after moving into my first apartment alone. It was by chance that I happened to find myself in the small animal section of a Petsmart, and it was the rats that caught my eye. I'd never owned rats before then and knew nothing about them, but when the clerk opened the cage and a little black hooded raced up to me, I couldn't go home emptyhanded.

Voltaire became my first rat, and I was captivated by him, and indeed, rats in general. It wasn't long after that I created the first incarnation of the Better Holes and Garbage website, which at the time was modeled after the housekeeping magazine Better Homes and Gardens. In time, the site developed its own character, and now the most popular segment is The Great Cage Page, a compendium of user-submitted cages.

When not working on the website, I am a full-time student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where I am studying for my Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Photography. It's no coincidence that rats play a major part in my artwork, and many of my ratcentric photos and designs can be found for sale through the Better Holes and Garbage Store. My own interest in art has made it a primary focus at Better Holes and Garbage, prompting the creation of the Art Nook as well as the Featured Artist section of the Articles section.

Beyond rats, I also enjoy reading and writing poetry and fiction, as well as composing music as part of a project entitled Perfectly Inadequate.

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